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I've compiled my first six tracks (that I'd been releasing as singles) onto a single album - "tapped" - that's available on most streaming services.  You can preview each track on this page.

"Crosstown", the first single by TDtangents, is available on these streaming services and on the Oh!Its!Hot! Spotify playlist. Below is the music video I made using only free stock video/animation I found online. Originally it was completely ridiculous, but I think it ended up being only a little bit ridiculous.

The second single - "High Cotton" - is available on all major streaming services. Here's your first listen. Or just hit mute and stare at the water for a couple minutes of Zen. If you stare at it long enough, you'll start to see faces in the water.

This is the only mashup I've done, but it didn't take a lot of mashing, lol.

Thanks for sharing this page!

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